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Our Approach to Mobile App Development Services

Our iterative design process & focus on validation ensures you avoid unnecessary features and costs, ending with a beautiful app built to satisfy your end-users.


Assessment & Proposal

We start by understanding your goals and evaluating your platform’s current state, tools, and processes. From there, we develop a plan for ramp-up and communication.


Sketch & Optimizing

With a solid plan in place we get to work drawing up wireframes and mapping user experience (UX). Our user interface (UI) designers pick it up from there to create the graphical elements, branding assets, and style guide.


Develop & Test

At this point our team of Website, Android, and iPhone developers step in to bring your vision to life. Setting up the databases, core logic, and dynamic screen behaviors ensures a fast, seamless, and immersive experience for your users.


Final Result

Releasing your app to the world is an art form in itself. We work closely with your team to ensure that marketing material, graphics, and app assets are ready for public launch.

See Your Vision Come to Life

RedRooster designs purpose-built solutions that work well and delight users. User experience concepts and ideas from the strategy phase are refined into validated final screen designs that create valuable, meaningful user experiences. Our rapid proofs of concept answer critical technical questions that test assumptions and validate the business case viability.

The RedRooster Approach

We have extensive experience building mobile apps for clients. We know the importance of a seamless user experience in the mobile space. We create sleek, intuitive mobile experiences that your end-users will love.

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Our Impact

The ways users interact with technology is changing, as more and more people turn to mobile solutions first.

Deliver Something Different

Mobile is a great place for companies to leverage emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and augmented reality. You can personalize the user interface and offer something different from your competitors.

Connect With Users

Companies that want to stay relevant are having to shift to a mobile-first mindset to meet users where they are. Mobile development is an opportunity to better serve existing users and reach new customers.

Growing Market

The mobile app market is projected to reach over $400 Billion by 2026. Leading software companies are tapping into that rapidly going market to offer something different or deliver a more accessible experience.

New Revenue Channels

By engaging with your customers on a different platform, you create the opportunity for new and different revenue streams. With easy payment options built into the device, the buyer experience is even more convenient with mobile technology.